10 Convenient Ways To Utilize Your Living Room Furniture For More Space

Every bit of spaces illustrate arrangement challenges, and such is the case for the living room where you and the rest of family members spend the time to relax, converse and have fun. It is also where you receive and entertain visitors.

You want to set your best living room forward all the time, especially when you have visitors. And for you to achieve it, you need to come up with good design ideas for your living area. However, not every household has spacious living area. In some cases, decorating a tiny living room can be tricky.

So, how do you strike a harmony between creating a living room that looks and feel spacious without compromising the necessary pieces of furniture? What furniture should you select? And where should you place them? Worry no more, as there are decorating ideas you can swat to organize your living room essentials. Check them out below!

Coffee Table with Drawers

You can use drawers packed below the top of a coffee table to store items that are prone to clutter such as magazines, board games, and remotes. Coffee table with drawers is a practical piece of furniture that’s why it functions for living rooms with limited space.

But before running to your favorite furniture shop, determine first your storage needs. You need to be certain that the measurements of the drawer will function for the items you need to store. Otherwise, it will just consume more space and make it even more cramped.

Tiered Coffee Table

A coffee table is already multifunctional furniture, but you can do more if you select the tiered version. You can pile books and magazine on the shelf underneath, and use trays or baskets to gather together additional items.

For extra style, reserve attractive items such as floral arrangements, candles and other decorative embellishments for the top shelf.

Console Table

Similar to cabinets, a console table provides an excellent storage solution. You can arrange bins or baskets underneath to create extra storage. Also, console tables come in different sizes, and you will be able to pick one that is the best fit for your area.

Console Cabinet

A console cabinet a vital piece that you must consider buying if you wish to open up space in your living room. A console cabinet is somewhat more prominent compared to a console table and offers more behind-closed-doors area.

Try to place one cabinet at the back of a sofa where you can store your prized mementos and other decorative items that you want to display but don’t want to risk in an uncovered space.


Ottomans are accessible in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Using it to initiate function and organization to your living room is a versatile technique.

Pick a design with a lid that lifts to display a spacious storage chamber available to store items such as gaming gears, remote controls, and even blankets. For added functionality, upgrade and improve your ottoman with casters for a more straightforward mobile setup.

Storage Bench

Another furniture to reckon if you wish to create more space is a storage bench. Load two functions into one piece by purchasing a storage bench. Placing a cushion on top will help provide a place to sit.

On the other hand, the small and enclosed compartment below can be a storage solution for books, crafts supplies, bins full of toys, or games. Place a storage bin next to a window for an easy do-it-yourself window seat.

Entertainment Center

If your family is big in books, music, and movies, provide storage necessities around these amusements. The purpose of the entertainment center is to store vinyl records, as well as the collection of albums in an organized manner.

Entertainment centers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and designs. Hence, you’re sure to find one that suits your household needs.

Consider Built-ins

You can purchase built-ins to supply your living room with architectural ambiance, as well as an organized impression. Attempt to frame a doorway with shelves, or try to consider a cabinetry around a warm fireplace. Also, built-in bookshelves are beneficial for families who are fond of reading and have an extensive collection of books.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables typically come in sets of two or three, pile together but can be used as an additional tabletop surface whenever you need it. Nesting tables only consume a smaller amount of floor space which is perfect for living rooms with limited space. Having a nesting tables in your living room keeps the area looking clean and crisp.


Hutches, cabinets, pie safes, and armoires are elegant storage supplements for traditional or formal living rooms. These beautiful pieces present importance to space while supplying a sufficient storage for arranging necessities.

The hutches are excellent for stocking items which you prefer to keep out of views, such as entertainment apparel or extra throws or large blankets.


Every people want their living room to be spacious and accessible at the same time. However, the furniture that you want to acquire will always depend on the availability of space in your living room.  To prevent congestion and restriction, determine what kinds of furniture to include best because different furniture will always work differently from the other.